Venus de Milo is a women’s fashion concept established in 2006. The dream is to create a brand that focus on everyday high quality fashion essentials, clothing for fashion conscious consumers that require easy and wearable but still fashionable designs.

The name Venus de Milo reflects the visual and mental boundaries for this concept. The Greek goddess of love and female beauty is the creative muse, for the team behind Venus de Milo, and is present in every style, in the way lines are placed and colours are chosen. The designs are always recognizable.

The Venus de Milo brand respects the fact of feminine consumer versatility, and does not target one age – or any other specific group. The focus lies on tops and dresses, each season adding a little luxury surprise. This has been one of the success criteria’s for the fast and big market recognition the Venus de Milo collections have received, from the very beginning.

We strive to deliver the best quality at the best prices within the thinking of social responsibility. We inspire women to become goddesses in their everyday life by focusing on the feminine shapes and continuously developing the simple, yet diverse way of wearing these styles.

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