Behind Venus de Milo

Rikke Mia Nygaard founded Venus de Milo in 2006 with an ambition to build a sophisticated female clothing label with a sensual expression and an international appeal. At the age of 26 Rikke Mia Nygaard decided to establish Venus de Milo.

Much of her life Rikke Mia has worked within design and fashion, first as a model while educating herself with a Master in Design & Communication Management. Later she worked as a brand manager in an established firm before she reached the conclusion to pursue her dream to create a clothing brand herself.

Despite Rikke Mia’s only 31 years, her Danish background has given her a strength and an ability to dare to take decisions, even when she doesn’t know the outcome. Rikke Mia manages to do things her own way and to defy current standards. This approach has resulted in a successful clothing label and today, four years later Venus de Milo is a well established brand on the Scandinavian market.

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